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Is it okay to say that most monotheists hold untenable positions such as Satan and the Trinity? That would suggest monotheists are not really monotheists or that there are no true monotheists. Perhaps using the distinction of the word "some" can provide more clarity, rather than passing a not so rational sweeping statement. It might be even better to remove this claim until we can find a source such as a survey that shows that people who claim to be monotheists also believe in other deities. — Unsigned, by: UnconventionalPhilosopher / talk / contribs

It's true that Christian fundamentalists tend to be trinitarians, though there's also some unitarian groups. Satan isn't necessarily a problem since he was originally an angel created by God, or so the popular story goes at least. Judaism and Islam usually entail 'true' monotheism, as far as I know. (talk) 21:00, 13 June 2015 (UTC)