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This is funny. Last night about 3 AM as I was thinking "it's time for bed", I heard a nasty, loud crack noise outside. Wearing my lovely heavy black cotton robe, I went outside to "investigate". Nothing broken in my parking lot. Walked down the hill to the main road, and there were several stopped cars, one of which was parked in an odd way, and appeared to be missing several pieces.

I asked the first coherent person I encountered "has anyone called 911?" "Yes", they answered.

I grabbed a couple of orange bollards that were maintaining access to Carworks' dumpster for their vacation week and put them in the lane that the strangely parked car was in to aid drivers in negotiating the mess.

At some point, one person who had stopped asked me if they could leave. I asked them "were you a witness?" and they said "no". I told them it was ok to go about their business.

Then the officials arrived - a police car, of course, and a general emergency vehicle manned by volunteer firemen. We had been dealing with the driver of the poorly parked car, he seemed relatively coherent (how can I judge, by 3 AM my BAC has to be at least 2.0!), but was bleeding lightly from the back of his head. And he seemed to be obsessed with finding his cell phone.

The cop ran a sobriety check on him... first question: "have you been drinking tonight?" "Yes, I had one beer, a Samuel Adams"...

The kid had also been babbling about hitting a deer. Later, I gently interfered and asked the first responders, "if he hit a deer, wouldn't there be meat on the car?" Then I got out of the way at the request of the cop who wouldn't shake my hand for some reason (turns out he has allergies, and my smoking was an issue?).

I had by now walked back up the hill and grabbed my camera. Took a few pix.

People mentioned him hitting the nearby electrical pole, but the power hadn't even flickered.

Anyway. The car was sitting in the opposite lane of his direction of travel, rear at the yellow line, nose at the white line. both bumper covers were lying nearby. RF wheel was at an awkward angle. LF wheel and strut assembly was about ten feet from the car. A headlight was twenty feet away. The car was quite smashed in the front/left area, but also all bunged up in the right rear quarter.

I went to investigate today in daylight.

There is a tire track through the grass leading up to the aforementioned pole. The pole now appears to be brand new. There's a bit of broken pole material ten feet from the new pole. There's a left rearview mirror in the dirt, and myriad bits of random plastic parts scattered in the brush.

Did I mention that this pole's base is about six feet above the road grade?

Yeah, near as I can make out, this kid was travelling north at an excessive rate of speed, perhaps under the influence of intoxicating substances, and lost it. Crossed the road and drove up a 45 degree slope, left wheels 6 feet in the air, slammed into a power pole (then the tracks end...), flipped the car over, landing on its right rear corner, then bounced back upright and landed cockeyed in the highway.

I suspect he might be in trouble, I am only glad he wasn't badly hurt (modern cars are so amazingly safe!) and that he didn't injure anyone else or damage anyone else's car in the process.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I have vague nighttime flash photos if anyone is curious. ħumanUser talk:Human 02:09, 1 August 2010 (UTC)

huh. Thought you lived in the UK. Do they use 911 too?--User:Brxbrx/sig 00:04, 21 October 2011 (UTC)