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[edit] [purge] Documentation

This template has a sandbox (edit) and testcases (edit) for editors to experiment.

This template generates the link list for {{talkpage}}. However, you can also use it on its own, although formatting support is quite basic.


  • This works exactly like the archivepath parameter in {{talkpage}}.
  • Default: "Archive" (so you only have to specify it if you're using another name for your archives)
  • A string that comes before the list begins. It is displayed right before the first link.
  • Default: None
  • Formatting that comes before the archive number. In {{talkpage}}, this is simply the "<" sign. It is part of the link.
  • Default: None
  • Formatting that comes after the archive number. In {{talkpage}}, this is simply the ">" sign. It is part of the link.
  • Default: None
  • The separator sign that comes after each archive link. It's not part of the link, though.
  • Default: ","
  • Set this parameter to any non-whitespace value to omit the new archive link.
  • Whether to include the current archive page on the list. Possible values are yes or no.
  • Default: yes
  • Set to true to show the date of creation for each archive. This will also turn the list into an unordered list.
  • Default: false

Since the parameters are now named, you only have to specify the ones you need, and you can do so in any order.


Assuming that your archivepath is "Archive", you can recreate the formatting of {{talkpage}} with:

  • {{archivelinks dpl|before=<|after=>}}

Just calling the template without any parameter will give you a simple, comma-separated list:

  • {{archivelinks dpl}}

To generate a bullet-point list that spells out "Archive x" instead of just plain "x", use:

  • {{archivelinks dpl|before=Archive&nbsp;|intro=¶*|separator=¶*}}

And if your archives start with (for example) "Stuff" instead of "Archive", the first example becomes:

  • {{archivelinks dpl|archivepath=Stuff|before=<|after=>}}

Bugs / To Do

Recent Changes

  • Listing the links seems to work, the custom parameters are supported.
  • Link for new archive works. I think that the load isn't too huge - I have to call DPL twice now.
  • Thanks to Human for having the *bleep*ed-up special case of having a "0"-archive. Link for new archive works there, too.
  • Bugfix: The "(new)" link should now actually point to the correct subpage and not to mainspace articles called "Archive..."
  • Bugfix: Also attempted to remove the "(new)" link from archive pages. Seems to work, I think.
  • Bugfix (Jan 06): Trying out new way of handling the issue that caused long lists to grow too long.
  • Update (Jan 10): Template now uses named parameters. Added "intro" parameter.