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This template can be used to hide part of a discussion. Parameters are:

  • {{{1}}} or {{{reason}}} - an optional reason for the hiding
  • {{{2}}} or {{{closer}}} - the editor who did the hiding
  • {{{expand}}} - if it's not empty, the collapse will be opened at start and can be closed later
  • {{{color}}} and {{{bg_color}}} - sets the colors.
  • {{{width}}} - sets the width, when set to "smart" allows it to resize when the content is expanded.
  • {{{min_width}}} - sets the minimum width. When set with "width=smart", sets the closed box size.
  • {{{noborder}}} - if not empty, removes the border.
  • {{{border_size}}} and {{{border_color}}} - sets the border parameters.

Put {{Collapse end}} after the part that you want to hide. Be sure to put proceeding text in a new line.

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