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Genetically modified food

Laws regarding GMF.

Genetically modified food (more correctly, genetically engineered food or transgenic food, and often abbreviated as GM [genetically modified], GMO [genetically modified organisms], and GMF [genetically modified food]) is any food derived from organisms which had their genomes modified using the technique of DNA recombination.Wikipedia Via DNA recombination, genetic material is isolated from one organism and introduced into another. DNA recombination has the advantages that the source and target organisms need not be sexually compatible and that transfer of genes can be highly specific (introducing only a single desired trait), unlike conventional breeding, which requires sexual compatibility and results in offspring with a mixture of traits from both parents.

GMF has recently become the subject of intense debate. Opponents of GMF claim that GMF production has adverse environmental impacts, that GMF consumption has adverse health effects, that it's inherently unnatural, and that for-profit GMF companies (notably Monsanto) are screwing farmers and/or plotting to control the world food supply. Proponents of GMF claim that GM technology has been the subject of a manufactroversy and accuse opponents of spreading misinformation through the media. Unfortunately, opponents of GMFs often slip into pseudoscience.