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The primary function is to reduce the complexity of the construction of the name matrix in Conservapedia:Unusable names. There are 27 parameters, but only one is required parameter name. For example, if you have name=Bob, following the hyper-link it will take you to Conservapedia's userlist starting at Bob. If you look down the list you will see several names like "BobM" and "BobJ". If an initial is taken, add another parameter such as for the last two M=yes and J=yes and it will place a cross in the box for that entry in the matrix. As the Conservapedia has extensions to prevent confusing names, the software will no longer all you to register both "BobL" and "BobI", so if the "I" is already taken set L=I or vis versa. Also if you add another reference to Conservapedia:Unusable names before the current second reference could you change the superscript number above.

If you can think of a secondary function for this template please add it.