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Information icon.svg How to add new entries:
  1. Type the new entry under Put article suggestions here (if you like focused editing) or at the top of Recent (if you don't mind doing tons of scrolling).
  2. Considering searching for and linking to related existing RationalWiki articles as well as the Wikipedia entry on your suggested topic (e.g. using {{wpr|name of your topic on Wikipedia}}) in order to help stimulate interest.
  3. When you're done, to set up the poll, select the text you just entered, click here: <vote nextpoll=todo></vote> and then save the page. 


  • Any new article you want to make can be placed here; make a redlink for the title.
  • Give a brief description. Extended descriptions or justifications can be made on the talk page.
  • Remember to add a few supporting links that can act as references.
  • Remember to suggest possible links to other articles in RW that can link to the proposed article.
  • If a topic is covered in a larger article effectively, please create an appropriate redirect.
  • When an item has been dealt with, move it to the archive, unless it has the highest poll id. Delink all articles.

If removing an entry, select the vote and click the following: <!---->. This will ensure that the votes aren't carried over for the next entry. (edithide)