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Information icon.svg If you are adding a crank subreddit to this page as an example of an awful community, please observe the following guidelines:
  • Do not add subreddits with less than 100,000 subscribers. We do not want to lend oxygen by highlighting small communities of cranks and giving them more attention than they would otherwise have.
  • Banned subreddits that aren't in the Prominent terrible subreddits list go in the mass grave section, not the main list. Subreddits that have been banned should be moved to there.

In addition, try to avoid writing community-specific drama. The "Other controversies" is meant to be limited to those that affect the wider image of Reddit as a site; we are not here to document your intercommunity drama.

Do not add new communities to the not all bad without a discussion on the talkpage. Proposed communities should be discussed beforehand.