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Used primarily on RationalWiki:to do list, but can be used anywhere you need a stylish box that looks like the ones on the front page.

The box has one compulsory parameter and that is the name of the page you wish to transclude into the box. If you wish to transclude a page in the main namespace place : in front of the page's name.

It has another four optional parameters:

  • title - Gives the box a title other than the boxes contents.
  • edit - Puts a little link next to the title, has three options:
  • yes - Puts in a link to edit the page being transcluded.
  • view - Puts a link to the page being transcluded, but does not open the page for editing automatically.
  • other - Links to what ever else you want.
  • otherpage - When used with the other option for edit it will link to the page name given.
  • othertext - When used with the other option for edit and otherpage it will change the text of the link.

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