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This template is outdated. To create an imagelink, simply use the link parameter, for example:

[[Image:PHsig.jpg|link=User:Phantom Hoover|text-bottom]]

will produce PHsig.jpg

{{{1}}} = width (pixels)
{{{2}}} = height (pixels)
{{{3}}} = top margin (pixels)
{{{4}}} = bottom margin (pixels)
{{{5}}} = mediawiki image options, e.g. vertical alignment (baseline, sub, super, top, text-top, middle, bottom, text-bottom), separated by pipes
{{{6}}} = linked page name (without brackets)
{{{7}}} = image name (with Image: but without brackets)
{{{8}}} = image alt text
{{{9}}} = show underline

Example usage

A simple signature

This is a simple signature with underline on mouse hover. Experiment with the margins to find a value that does not add too much space between lines and does not cause overlapping.

{{Imagelink|115|24|-2|-2|text-bottom|User:Phantom Hoover|Image:PHsig.jpg|Phantom Hoover|y}}

yields Phantom Hoover

Another signature

In this case there is no underline.

{{Imagelink|25|19|0|0|text-bottom|User:Toast|Image:Toast s.png|Toast}}

yields Toast

Resizing an image

The original image is 600x654 pixels. Since mediawiki resizes images proportionally using only one parameter, width, you must calculate the height manually. In this example, since we resized the image to 150 pixels width, the correct height is 654 * 150/600 = 164 (rounded up).

{{Imagelink|150|164|0|0|text-bottom|user talk:human|image:scotch.jpg|yummy!}}