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Information icon.svg This is a category of the stubs relating to the topic of .
Add pages to this category by placing {{stub|{{{1}}}}} in stubs that fall into the scope of [[:Category:|this topic]].
Do not directly add articles to this category.

[edit] [purge] Documentation

Warning icon orange.svg This template is used on a large number of pages.

In order to prevent unnecessary server load, edits should be kept to a minimum. Please experiment in the template's /sandbox or /testcases subpage, or in your own sandbox, and consider discussing your changes on the talk page before applying them.

Information icon.svg Editing a template causes all pages that use the template to be re-rendered. If the template is used often, this can put a lot of load on the server since it fills up the job queue.


If you are creating a brand new stub category, add this template to the description page.

The parameter is the topic of the category, i.e., {{stubcat|philosophy}} is used for Category:Philosophy-related stubs.

The template adds the category page on which it's used to the appropriate parent category.

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