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This is an archive page, last updated 26 June 2018. Please do not make edits to this page.

[edit] [purge] Documentation

This template can be put on talk pages and archive pages to show links automatically. Each of the boxes only appears when appropriate.


The template doesn't require parameters, but has 4 optional named ones:

     |archivepath=    default: 'Archive'
     |vandalpath=     default: 'vandalism'
     |archivedate=    default: date of last revision to page
     |search=         default: not visible
  • archivepath If omitted the template will assume archive pages are kept at '/Archive1', '/Archive2' etc (with a capital 'A' and no spaces or leading zeros). If the archives are named differently, this parameter can be added, eg. if the archives are names '/archive 1', '/archive 2'... use:
    • {{talkpage|archivepath=archive }}.
  • vandalpath The template checks for '/vandalism' subpages in either the article or the talk namespace, and with either an upper case or lover case 'v'. One box is shown for each page that is found, meaning if more than one vandalism page has been created by mistake, this will be shown up by the template. If the vandalism page has a different name, eg '/wandalism', use this parameter:
    • {{talkpage|vandalpath=wandalism}}
  • archivedate The 'this is an archive' section of the template will show date of the last revision to the archive page it's placed on. This will normally be what is wanted when archive pages are created. However if you want it to show a different date, use this parameter to supply one, in y-m-d format, eg:
    • {{talkpage|archivedate=2007-6-25}}
  • search This adds a search box for the archives under the archivelist. To activate it just type:
    • {{talkpage|search=yes}}

Parameters can of course be combined, eg: {{talkpage|archivepath=archive|archivedate=2007-6-25}}

Archive List

If the regular list is getting too long, you can simply put the links into a new article called "Archive_link" (or "archivepath_link" if you changed the parameter) in the same space your archives are in. The template will detect its presence and simply link to that page instead of displaying the list.

Note: Currently, you will have to maintain this list by hand, although you could of course use the {{archivelinks dpl}} template mentioned below. We are constantly working on improving things, though, so stay tuned.

See also

If you want archive links on your talk page with a more customized look, please see the template {{archivelinks dpl}} (or {{archivelinks}} as a fallback)

For automatic archiving, see {{Talkpage/Pibot}} and {{Talkpage/PibotHidden}}