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Warning icon orange.svg This template is used on a large number of pages.

In order to prevent unnecessary server load, edits should be kept to a minimum. Please experiment in the template's /sandbox or /testcases subpage, or in your own sandbox, and consider discussing your changes on the talk page before applying them.

Information icon.svg Editing a template causes all pages that use the template to be re-rendered. If the template is used often, this can put a lot of load on the server since it fills up the job queue.

Use this template to mark anonymous comments left unsigned, filling in the IP of the author of the comment. To mark unsigned comments left by registered users, use {{subst:unsigned}} instead.


Use in this way: {{subst:unsignedIP|IP address|timestamp}}.

You should also add the time the comment was made after the template. Copy/paste from the diff, or write in manually, or type five tildes (to stamp it when you added the template).