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For use on User & User talk pages

Puts a collapsing box containing links to: User page; User talk page; New section edit, Edit section 0 (edit top) and top of page; (if the current page is clicked on it acts as a "reload button").

  • With no parameters the box floats at top right of the screen.
    There are 2 possible parameters which position the box left (or Left} and bottom (or Bottom):
  • {{Userhead}} puts the box at top right.
  • {{Userhead|Left}} or {{Userhead|left}} puts the box at top left - not recommended - it hides behind things - but that might be just what you want!
  • {{Userhead|left|Bottom}} or {{Userhead|Left|bottom}} puts it at left bottom (surprise!).
  • {{Userhead||Bottom}} or {{Userhead||bottom}} puts it at right bottom - note the two "|"s.
Here's {{Userhead||bottom}} for your edification.User:SusanG/Pagelinx