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This template has a sandbox (edit) for editors to experiment.
Warning icon orange.svg This template is used on a large number of pages.

In order to prevent unnecessary server load, edits should be kept to a minimum. Please experiment in the template's /sandbox or /testcases subpage, or in your own sandbox, and consider discussing your changes on the talk page before applying them.

Information icon.svg Editing a template causes all pages that use the template to be re-rendered. If the template is used often, this can put a lot of load on the server since it fills up the job queue.

This template adds a set of three links to a page, one to the page, one to its talk page, and one to edit it. They are appear in a small font size, with minimal text.

It is intended to be added to templates, to provide easy access to the template from a page it is transcluded into.


At the most basic, you will likely only need to place


onto the template.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to make the links apply to a different page, replace {{subst:PAGENAME}} with the name of the page.

The colour of the links can be changed via the second parameter. For example, to have white links, add


The namespace of the linked-to pages can be changed with the third parameter. If not included, it defaults to "Template". Usually you would just need


To change the namespace and colour, place the colour code in the middle:


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