Rebuild recent changes

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Please run the script to rebuild recent changes, it appears that the patrolled and bot flags got lost, but only in the recent changes table.

If I go to a diff from recent changes it says it's not patrolled and the mark as patrolled button is there, but if I go to the history and click the diff there, the mark as patrolled option disappears.

-- Nx / talk07:21, 4 January 2012

I am working on rebuilding all the generated tables to see if it helps the search problem.

Tmtoulouse (talk)08:52, 4 January 2012

Why? What happens if you try to start the search daemon?

-- Nx / talk12:01, 4 January 2012

Just a heads up: Patrol log entries somehow got into the recent changes table (new ones aren't being added), and more annoyingly, the watchlist too.

-- Nx / talk14:59, 4 January 2012