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My name is Trent, I edit over at wikipedia as tmtoulouse and I edited over at conservapedia as tmtoulouse as well.

Basics about me[edit]

I am a doctoral candidate in Psychology with particular interests in neuroscience, neural modeling, and brain imaging. I have undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Biology and an intense interest in the overlap of human behavior and evolution. I have also done work with self-organizing systems and complexity theory. Most of my contributions will probably be focused along topics that touch most closely with these issues.

My role at RationalWiki[edit]

I am an editor here just like everyone else and that is my primary role. However, due to my arcane and magical powers I can alter things on the site server. That means I can install wanted extensions, do some bug checking, and other random such things. I am also pretty handy with programming, which means I can "create" functions and extensions people think are a good idea but don't exist. I can also create "wiki bots" that do mundane tasks normal people shouldn't have to.

If there is an extension you wish to see installed, or some other change made to the mediawiki software you can let me know on my talk page or e-mail me.

My research[edit]

Just in case anyone is interested in what I am doing when I disappear for long periods of time here are my published papers/abstracts:

Things I want to write about[edit]

I am getting old its too hard to remember all my random ideas.