Aslan interview

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He's a really intersting guy as a person. he was a fundamentalism christian, then wandered (somehow, i don't know the details) into his family's muslim faith. He was a scholar of theology (xian) then went on to be a scholar of religion in a sociological sense. He's also a historian, linguist, etc.

He doesn't have a lot of truck for "new atheists" either, which for me, a person who *also* finds some of the louder rhetoric on the atheists camp to be extreme, uneducated, and yes, abusive (so, you know "fundamentalist like"). Which is now pissing off atheists as they remember who Aslan is. Kinda funny caues the people he calls out are people who says things like "Religion is child abuse", and "all religion is harmful" and "Islam is the worst of the religions, if we have to have any religions". those lines are fully visable in the new atheist camp, so it's kinda hard to disagree with him. but it's a funny dynamic to watch. "this guy is so cool - no wait, he hates atheists (he doesn't) so he's not cool!"

Oh well, what else do i espect on facebook. heheheheh

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