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Todd Bentley is a televangelist from Canada who became famous from his preaching in 2008 in Lakeland, Florida.

Bentley at work.

No, he's not just any televangelist. Todd Bentley is a raving lunatic. He has multiple tattoos and body piercings and shows up on stage during his "healing" crusades decked out in biker gear, and he likes to kick and punch people who show up at his "healing" crusades for healing, because "God told him to". The victims recipients of his kicking and punching include advanced cancer and AIDS patients who came to him as a last resort for "healing". [1][2]

He also claims he has personally made several trips to Heaven to meet with the apostle Paul and had a personal encounter with an angel.[citation needed] LSD may have been involved. [citation NOT needed]

He announced he would take a break from preaching in Lakeland starting August 23, 2008 because the Holy Spirit directed him to. In fact, he did take a break from preaching in August as announced, but not for that reason. He had sex with over 1,000 women, some as young as 18. The reason he stopped preaching in August was to pursue a legal separation from his wife and to resign from the leadership of his FreshFire ministry; the ministry also released a statement that Bentley had "entered into an unhealthy relationship" with one of his female staffers. Heh – why does this always happen to those poor televangelists?

In 2012, Bentley was due to hold a series of revival gatherings in Britain but was denied entry by the UK Home Office as they believed that his unorthodox beat-the-shit-out-of-parishioners approach was "not conducive to the public good".[3]

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