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So you wish to contribute to Conservapedia? The only problem is you don't know how to right an encyclopedic article. Well we can help you fix that with this easy step by step guide based on the writing styles of Ed Poor, who started over 1,000 articles at Wikipedia.

Getting started[edit]

Initially you need an account. This is very straight forward. Click the top right of the screen where is say "Log in/Create an account". If it does not say "Create an account" then editing is locked. Take note of this time so when you do get an account you know not to try to edit at this time. Once you click "Create an account" fill in the necessary fields, ignore the one that says email - it claims it is compulsory but it is not. After getting an account you can now edit. But what do you write?

Picking a topic[edit]

Never let the fact that a topic is not something you are an expert on stop you from contributing as is repeatedly said by Andrew Schlafly if you want to learn don't read a book write a book. There are essentially 4 kinds of articles you can the write.

  1. Something you know about
  2. Something you know nothing about
  3. An expression you took off a Conservative columnist
  4. A Liberal article

Unless you are sysop you should probably stick to the second one. However if you are a sysop the first one probably doesn't apply to you anyway.

The first edit[edit]

The first edits you make will probably be some of the most difficult. The kind of edits you make will be dependent on your topic.

If you know something about it[edit]

The naïve approach to this type of article is to find something in your topic area and start improving it - this is the wrong approach. You see someone else created this article and it now belongs to them. What they put down is The TruthTM and there will be strict adverse consequences if they are a sysop, have block rights, or are an slave editor who is tolerated respected because they do all the work the sysops can't be arsed doing request. No, the only time you should edit an article on a topic you understand is if it is on the article wanted list. Then, in time, you too can be respected editor - who kisses lots of sysop arse.

If you know nothing about it[edit]

If it is an expression you took of a Conservative columnist[edit]

If it is an Liberal article[edit]

What to do when others start editing it[edit]

Defending your article on the talk page[edit]

Shifting the boundaries[edit]

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