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It's Everyday Bro, cuck version[edit]

AIDS Skrillex's here yo,

With the Disney Channel flow,

I made a RationalWiki account,

Never done before,

Editing all these articles man,

Which one will be next,

Man I'm checking all these facts,

With the time to relax,

And I'm playing games too,

And I like money like a Jew,

I'm AIDS Skrillex bitch,

Who and what the hell are you?

And I check peoples' stuff,

If I find them to be cool,

No I'm not talking about you,

You begging for attention,

Talking shit in the Talk too,

But hey bro it's alright,

It's 4:20 and I have stuff to do,

Watch all the videos too,

I hate to tell the truth,

I got some Internet merch,

And it's selling like a God church,

Couldn't debate alright,

Insult someone for being white,

The debate wasn't fair,

Look at my receding hair,

I hate myself for being white,

You'd reek within sight,

Took gender studies then failed,

You're a fucking white male