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Some chatlogs I have logged from around the net, usually on League of Reason.

The Trinity is a Pretzel[edit]

A Christian describing the "3 and 1" nature of the Holy Trinity

(23:30:49) (CHRISTIANUSER) It's like a pretzel
(23:30:56) (CHRISTIANUSER) I know this is a ridiculous example but listen
(23:30:57) • rfranknj lol
(23:31:02)      —› quit: (Morts) ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
(23:31:04) (rfranknj) ok continue
(23:31:09) (CHRISTIANUSER) You know how the whole thing is one object
(23:31:12) (CHRISTIANUSER) It's ONE pretzel right?
(23:31:24) (CHRISTIANUSER) But there's three connecting parts
(23:31:24) (rfranknj) i know where you're goign with that idea
(23:31:29) (TheFearmonger) *headdesk*
(23:31:30) (CHRISTIANUSER) I'm talking about a twisty pretzel by the way.
(23:31:32) (rfranknj) it's an interesting comparison
(23:31:35) (rfranknj) but
(23:31:37) (TheFearmonger) omg
(23:31:37) (rfranknj) it doesn't really apply here
(23:31:41) (rfranknj) i mean
(23:31:43) (CHRISTIANUSER) It's three in the same but separate at the same time.
(23:31:44) (rfranknj) god is not a pretzel
"God is not a pretzel." ~rfranknj