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Hi, I am Russ.

I hail from central New Jersey. I am currently a freshman at Rutgers Newark, seeking a degree in computer science.

I am an atheist religiously and a libertarian politically.

My interests include music, computer science, and philosophy.

I play the bass guitar for my band Short of the Sun, as well as guitar, drums, and synth; I also sing and write music.

I am experienced in C, C++, Python, PHP, and Javascript/ajax. I currently work at Open Systems Solutions at Rutgers New Brunswick.

I found this place from the League of Reason IRC chat channel. I am honoured to be quoted on Android's chatlog page: User:Android/Chatlogs


 01:59 < Gulo> homo sapiens have existed for more than 40,000 years at least
 01:59 < scarified2012> wheres proof? just asking
 02:00 < burns> Where is proof that God exists? just asking
 02:01 < scarified2012> so you can't answer my question
 02:01 < F0x> settle down
 02:01 < Morts> scarified2012: its comming, hold on
 02:01 < burns> I could but I would have to go google it and if you wanted the real answers you could do that yourself.