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"I am 18 years old. I go to community college. I am smarter than half of congress. Houston, we have a problem."--Animalian (talk) 18:52, 15 February 2015 (UTC)

Though I recently turned 19, I uphold the conviction that the legislative body of the US is deeply misguided. But aside from the witticism, if you grant it such honor, I love to read, think, and write. I love my turtles and rats, music, cello, and piano, and all things green and living. At my age, I have already earned a few distinctions as a national merit scholar, a music teacher, an apt thinker, reader, and writer. Beyond sating my ego, my desire for respect and acknowledgment, I have more importantly dedicated my life to defending animal rights, challenging abortion, opposing inequality, acting on climate change, mitigating population growth, and promoting solar energy. I have integrated my beliefs into a unified philosophy, defined by the grand ethic of love in contraposition to the greatest evils of our time, the animal massacre, the human genocide, and the global terror, respectively, the destruction of animals, each other, and our planet. In this philosophy of kindness against brutality, love is the panacea to all, though I as yet lack an equation to demonstrate this self-evident verity. But as a sage philosopher once noted, one need not hit the bulls-eye to hit the target.

To view some of my earlier work, you may visit the following pages, which I occasionally update--

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Articles I've started--