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"Anonymous User", I've analyzed your unconcise replies and you are unlike 99% of evolutionists, who avoid the Bible like the plague and even discourage others from reading it, so admit it, you're not here to substantially contribute to this project. Your atheistic worldview has led you to deny that a larger tax cut for the wealthy prevents genocide. Nobody seriously doubts that this is not another waste-of-time blog, and it's not going to become one. I asked you a simple question, "if promoting black holes cause people to read the Bible less, would you want to promote them?" Not only do you refuse to answer, you rant on and on. --Aschlafly 07:09, 26 September 2021 (UTC)

Most of my edits thus far have been as a BoN in the Random Andy Quote Generator. It got to be so addictive, I decided to register. It's even more fun now.

ο αριθμος αυτου εξακοσιοι εξηκοντα εξ