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I’m a girl.

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I will literally pay you $0.02 (Australian AUD dollars) to go edit my positive news WIGO thanks

Some drugs[edit]

  • Pregabalin — very pleasant, euphoric, like mild MDMA + clonazepam - empathetic, emotional, relaxed, AMAZING afterglow. Extremely dreamy. A little VERY addictive though. Now abusing it every other day and if I stop I will have withdrawals that might kill me and last for years. Hahahaha oh god I’ve got myself into a bit of a “Situation” this time lmao. Also fun fact one of the main inspirations for me making and then using this account
  • LSD — the classic. The most amazing experiences of my life have occurred on acid, and it’s fucking excellent when you do the Holy Trifecta - high dose acid, lots of weed, and nangs. Taken me to places I. Cannot even describe, helped me deal with a lot of mental health issues by seeing my bad thoughts from an objective light. Also had possibly the worst experience of my life, when I found out s friend had died while I was tripping HARD. All in all, my favourite drug in the world
  • MDMA — fucking amazing. Nothing beats that euphoria and openness. Fucks in my mental health for a while afterwards butthe extreme euphoria is worth it. Except now I think I done too much over the years and it doesn’t work as much but still good tho.
  • Weed — what can I say. Good daily use drug, very comforting for my chronic pain and mental health shit. Probably too addicted to it though.
  • Benzos — absolutely lovely, but also absolutely evil. Sometimes, I get relaxed and chill and painless and joyful for a while. Sometimes I black out, come out as trans to my parents, drink a bottle of cough syrup, and barely remember it afterwards. Opinions vary.
  • DXM — awful drug. How does anyone like this? Nausea, sweating, discomfort, confusion, hallucinations just like hypnagogic shit. Disgusting shit that made me never want to taste cherry ever again
  • Ketamine — absolutely lovely. Pop a few nangs and get sucked out of reality
  • Nangs — kinda suck on their own but make EVERY drug better
  • Alcohol — gross feeling, uncomfortable, makes me feel like my liver has been destroyed every time I drink it. Glad I don’t anymore whoops lmao
  • Caffeine — anxiety and tired stimulation. Yuck.
  • Amphetamine — sometimes great, but the comedown sucks ass. Not worth it.
  • Shrooms — sure, they taste disgusting to eat but DAMN that’s some intense euphoria
  • Oxycodone — just feels too fucking good. Almost died a few times. Never touching that shit again
  • Pharmaceutical deliriants (mostly promethazine, but also a bit of hyoscine, dimenhydrinate, chlorphenaramine, doxylamine, various others) — yet to try a truly delirious dose, and I never plan to. At sub-delirious but supra-therapeutic doses, they are very very strange; like extremely exhausted semi-lucid hypnagogia that makes you feel exhausted and shitty for most of the next day (esp. prometh). Lots of super weird sleep experiences, such as seeing my room in perfect detail while my eyes were actually closed and I was half asleep.
  • Meth — just too fuckin good. Lasts a long time, feels amazing ( TMI: makes sex/masturbation stuff amazing. This is bad, bc I basically don’t feel any sexual pleasure otherwise due to my HRT). Causes a shitload of cravings for the first 2 weeks after doing it but tbh I’ve mostly been able to avoid binging and after 2 weeks of not using the cravings go away so that’s nice. Fucks up my brain for a while though definitely not a Nice Drug to use. Haven’t done it in ages thankfully.
  • N-ethyl-pentedrone (NEP) — sure it’s a fun, comfortable stimulant that makes me able to clean, socialise, etc, without a terrible comedown/gurning/whatever. But also it’s the worst thing I ever snorted. Gave me nosebleeds for more than a week.
  • 2-fluorodeschloroketamine (2F-DCK) — fairly similar to ketamine but longer lasting and with a very dreamy/weird vibe. Fair bit more stimulating but still mostly chill. Also quite dreamy but also more prone to making me scared/sad. Doesn’t immobilise need as completely as ketamine does, but still makes it very hard to walk. U never known embarrassment until you had to robowalk downstairs on this shit to get nangs. Unfortunately shared all my lifts, was moving p much autonomously, staring blankly, very confused. Ah well nobody seemed to mind that I was very obviously Fucked Up so I guess it’s fine
  • Synthetic cannabinoids — accidentally got some of this shit in supposedly “‘THC’” vape juice I bought and didn’t test (like an absolute Fool). Horrible. Uncontrollable, suffocating terror. Made me pretty much unable to talk to anyone at all. Gave me an uncontrollable and very uncomfortable eye twitch. Every time I vaped that shit I would be thrown into something like a combo of eating too much edibles + a bad acid trip, and every nerve ending in my body was in agony. Felt like I was being suffocated by Evil Presences. Probably got closer to psychosis than I ever been. And yet, despite how awful it was I could t stop vaping it til I ran out. It was bad shit, is what I’m saying.
  • Ritalin — good functional stim I guess. Some ppl I know with ADHD reckon I have it but I’m too shy to bring it up with my psych. Pretty much makes me feel sad and tired, but makes me focus REALLY HARD and think about shit all deep and whatever. Pretty much the only way I was able to complete any assessment work this year, and also let me understand wtf was happening in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (good ass movie btw). So yeah, not fun at all, but does what it’s supposed to I guess
  • Codeine and dihydrocodeine — vaguely like oxy, but weak. On the best occasions I get a very chill, sedating oxy buzz, otherwise it’s pretty much un-noticeable (except for the damn itching). Can’t get it OTC anymore so what’s the point. Kinda miss the whole cold water extraction process tho tbh it was very chill and fun to just spend some time getting the good shit outta those suckers. Also both drugs affect me the same weirdly even tho most ppl get slightly different potency I’m p sure
  • Tramadol — slightly stronger than codeine, nice nodding/hypnagogia sometimes. But also. The twitching and constant fear of seizures makes it not worth it at all.

life shit[edit]

God I’m so tired

I’m happy I swear