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I'm still figuring out religious stuff but I'm mainly leaning towards agnostic theist Hellenic paganism. My feelings about my faith could probably be best summed up by this article even though it's from someone of a completely different religion. I think all religious people should have a healthy dose of agnosticism about their beliefs. And all secular people for that matter.

I have a fascination with weird Christian stuff. Everything from weird bible shit like the Book of Enoch to low budget Satanic Panic era VCR tapes of guys talking into the camera about how Dungeons and Dragons turns you gay. The Satanic Panic in general is a particular area of fascination for me as well. Also Scientology. I could talk for hours about LRH trying to help a guy summon the antichrist before running off with his girlfriend and $10k.

I am not sure what else to put here.