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I just created my account here on 6 July 2018.

I'm a long time Wikipedia editor (thousands of edits, over more than a decade) but mainly these days I fix small punctuation errors and missing words and confusing language and neglected links. By this method, I interact less with the native wildlife. Many once highly engaged editors walk off a cliff, and suddenly one day are never seen again.

My user name here was the best pun I could come up with in 60 seconds. It's an amalgam of antifa with Taleb's Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder—this bodes well for my time here, doesn't it?—all rolled up in a crunchy crust of agony aunt, a fraught fraulein fractionally frazzled.

Why am I here?

In the present moment, because I have a burning need to point out that Alex Jones does not moonlight as a conspiracy-theory nitwit. This is bad writing, and violates Martin Amis's creed on the non-cliche (his dead pal would surely agree). Alex Jones is a supplement salesman who daylights as a conspiracy-theory nitwit.

Wake up, sheeple! Ever heard of the gig economy? Yes, Virginia, it is possible to daylight in this era on the side of your real job.

With that burning matter out of the way (30 s after I click submit here, on the talk page there) I'm here for the semi-proximal reason that the Wikipedia lead on non-overlapping magisteria is brain-numbing pablum, whereas the one here is pretty good.

The entirely non-proximal reason I'm here is because I wasn't at the sayonara shindig where Vonnegut once said "Isaac is up in Heaven now" because I probably would have wound up at the bottom of the rolling aisles, and been too short of breath choking on my own laughter to make that special "God help me breathe soon" two-handed throat gesture (which, surely— surrounded by other humanists—would have summoned a prompt intervention). Having been there, and not having made the critical gesture in my two scant minutes of need, I would be dead already, and definitively not here.