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User:Avengerofthe BoN

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This is not a redlink.[citation needed]

About me[edit]

What is there to say?

Apparently I hate British people. And furthermore I may or may not be from Estonia. What else? Yeah you can glean some things from my edits. Other than that, the Avenger avenges in silence[dubious] :-P

I don't and I won't engage in idle speculation which IP address a user edits from or might have edited from in the past or might edit from in the future.

If you want to contact me in German or Spanish, that's fine by me. You will most likely get a reply in the same language, unless I chose not to.

If you want to get an email address under which to contact me, just give me one I can reach you with, and I shall message you.


This user supports the IDF.

Here is guaranteed to be at least one political view that is not apparent from my edits thus far:

  • I am in favor of health care
  • I am in favor of love and think that any political system or ideology that is against love is to be treated with the utmost suspicion
  • I think freedom includes freedom to oppose a choice between Delta, Southwest and a car
  • If being a Cultural Marxist means you think Adorno matters, I am precisely that
  • I don't care what the Dinner Jacket said or didn't say in the original Persian, the intention of the Iranian regime to destroy Israel has been its raison d'Être since its inception in 1979
  • Hitch is right on many things, but if you find yourself agreeing with everything the man ever said, go get your head checked out
  • If given a choice between spending on infrastructure and literally anything else, the state should allocate most of the money for infrastructure; especially low income countries
  • If you have an amount x to spend on infrastructure, spend 0.9x on upkeep and 0.1x on new construction if you are a rich country and 0.5 x on new construction if you are a poor country
  • Essay:Raising the gas tax is a way of fighting terrorism
  • In urban planning, simply letting buildings stand, even those you consider ugly or outdated is often the best decision in the long run
  • Even if a right is bogus (such as the one granted in the Second Amendment) it should be granted to everybody equally.
  • I think every city on this fine earth should be a unified city for the benefit of all its residents. Not for some ideological, political, ethnic or mode-share subset.
  • Essay:A nineteenth century solution to a twenty-first century problem
  • I am looking forward to the moment when Handball (without any qualifiers, in order to confuse those not "in the know") becomes a "hip" urban sport to follow for Hipsters in the US, just like soccer has - including teams and team names like "SG Boston Handewitt" and people in Cleveland wearing insignia of Großwallstadt and stuff
  • Ich hasse Abmahnanwälte. Meines Erachtens gehören die alle in ein Loch gewofen mit Wasser und Brot. Und zwar hartem Brot vom Discounter. Bestenfalls.
  • If going to an antifascist rally or two makes me a leftist extremist, I am precisely that. And proudly so. Alerta!
  • Neither car dead nor gun dead are inevitable. And they should not be accepted by politicians and politics.
  • As counter-intuitive as it may seem, sometimes the good guys do have the better weapons
  • Iran intends to get nuclear weapons and has to be stopped in its tracks. If need be through violence.
  • The very existence of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and a mindbogglingly long list of others whose main goal in live (or death) it is to kill Jews, shows why a Jewish state with strong armed forces is necessary
  • Fuck Elon Musk with a hot steel rod. Just 'cause.
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