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I'm Ayzmo and I'm not so new here.
I migrated here in 2012 after I was banned by Ed Poor for "trolling."
I was Ayzmo at Conservapedia and I am Ayzmo at Wikipedia as well.
I'm not the most active person ever, but I'm here almost daily and like to pop in and comment mostly. I edit sometimes, mostly typo and grammar fixes.

About me:
I'm a post-doctoral fellow in clinical psychology specializing in working with LGBTQIA individuals. I'm a life-long band geek and play multiple instruments. I'm 28 *shudder*. I am gay and in a relationship. I have a dog. I'm a pretty open person and will answer most questions.

Minecraft, cooking, sleeping, reading, spending time with my boyfriend, surfing the web, etc.

Religion, psychology, politics, sciency things, traveling, music, cults, conspiracy theories, etc.

I'm a pretty chill person and I enjoy a good conversation. Feel free to drop me a line.