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What a ridiculous username!

These are preserved as an archive. I don't like seeing my contributions oversighted ;)

Someone better tell Conservapedia that they have a massive ego trip. (it only went up because he was on the colbert report at that time.)

My analysis of the admins at conservafuckingretardpedia

  • Karajou- just a complete moron. Hardcore idiot. The most fun to troll or play with as he can't resist dissing you his block logs. From Tennessee, he's a 20 year old veteran hick who just learned how to masturbate after being with teh guyz.
  • TK- Wow, where do I begin with this nutjob? Indeed, terminally power hungry and thus a complete checkuser whore. To be fair, he does assume the most good faith for newbies, but will most likely look beyond what he sees as he is terminally paranoid. Thinks being a sysop is the same as being god.
  • Kendoll- The creme de la creme of paranoia... even more than TK. Chronically deletes all his userspace pages and then restores them. Why? Fuck knows. To hide the history probably. Why? Again, fuck knows. A creationist idiot who can't help but also edit the homosexuality article bit by bit without any edit summary, ever. Thinks he has "machismo" but odds are he's probably just a closeted homosexual.
  • Aschlafly- Just an old fuck. No fun. Will never hesitate to block anyone who does not think exactly like he, and will often say "bye" as his block summary. Known to pull random things out of his ass to fit with the conservative, biblical ideology. Thinks being conservative is equivalent to being immortal.
  • JacobB- Probably a teenage fuck. Unlike TK, who has the chronic need to blank pages before deleting them, Jacob will not. The most boring to troll. Quit... knew he was boring for a reason..
  • Jpatt- Like karajou, except that this idiot isn't as tempted to attack vandals.