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Conservapedia (and religious fundamentalism to an extent) was a major focal point in the early history of RationalWiki, but long ago ceased coming up with new ways to appall and amuse.
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In-depth analysis
...if they were nothing more than mere vandals, I would never have contacted the FBI.
—Karajou, being a tuff guy[1]
It was physics - and not God - that created the universe, according to scientist Hawking. Now, I wanted to put my question to him in this fashion on the main page, but it possibly might cause an uproar: "Stephan[sic] Hawking says God wasn't involved in creating the universe; it was physics. Well, Steve, if you know that much about the universe, then try getting out of your wheel chair!"
—Karajou on severely disabled scientist Stephen Hawking[2]

Karajou (aka Brian MacDonald, Karajerk, or Kowardjou) was one of the most paranoid and dimwitted Conservapedia admins. He possesses the fury and ruthlessness of a hurricane, as well as the intellect of one.

Karajou was one of the best busiest troll-destructorimg sysops at Conservapedia, as his method involved the automatic blocking of users who may happen to live near where a previous suspect has left their mark; the drawback of this onslaught is too much collateral damage. In addition, Karajou more-than-willfully complied with Conservapedia's policy of blocking any IP address that comes from a scientific institution — like NASA research centers, for example. To fix this, he has refused to register for Special:EmailUser, effectively forcing editors to bother contact someone else instead. He has claimed 100 /1000+ IP's souls, preventing Conservapedia from growing rapidly and "the truth from setting you free".

Also, in more recent years, his blocking style appeared to be as follows: Block that filthy troll from Otisburg, delete their userpage and talk page, and then range-block their IP.[3][4][5]

To say the least, reading comprehension is not exactly his forte; much like RobSmith, debating with Karajou often leaves the impression that he isn't really aware of what you're saying, let alone able to comprehend your logic behind it. But unlike Rob, Karajou is likely to become disproportionately angry at the fact that anyone has dared question him — so angry, in fact, that you'll never see your very intelligent comment again unless you scroll through the talk page's history. Hate seems to ooze from his very pores. He was fired on June 8, 2021.[6]

Troll bait[edit]

Karajou escorts another new CP editor, most likely a sock, to the door.

Some of the reasons this Gawd lovin' Bible freak gave for blocks range from "don't need you",[7] "user was aborted; being a believer in abortion, he should accept it",[8] to "just plain stupid!" or "go potty elsewhere"[9], "Canadian citizen demanding First Amendment rights under our Constitution, when he hasn't sworn to uphold and protect it"[10] and "returned to form; will not return EXCEPT UNDER ACHLAFLY'S PLEASURE"[11] though he's usually satisfied with a simple combination of the words "troll", "vandal", and/or "IP".[12]


Karajou has been awarded the "prestigious coveted Banhammer barnstar for tireless vigilence (sic) against fascist liberal trolls."[13] Which really tells you all you need to know.

Man of the military[edit]

In addition to his Conservapedia antics, Karajou has allegedly served in the United States Navy (see below). Karajou sees this service as grounds to make all sorts of crazy judgments. It's like an argument from authority, only the authority in this case is the villain from "Popeye".

He names a college in his weirdly detailed blog-resume, though he apparently never earned a degree. He seems to have focused in law enforcement (like the guy who checks the time cards of people who drive around the parking lots of Wal*Mart).

His love for science is evidenced by the fact that he's the most prominent member in the Save the Clam Coalition Group,[14] a proud defender of the Great Auk,[15] and doesn't like vaccines very much.[16] Whether Karajou stood up for his principles by refusing to accept vaccines while in the Navy, however, is most unlikely.[17]

We respect the sacrifices military servicemen make on behalf of their countries. However, Karajou has been touting his military service as though it makes him impervious to criticism. By touting it like a magic charm, Karajou himself belittles that service, and makes his own fair game for attack.

Man of the Bible[edit]

Karajou is a firm believer that "the Bible has been proven to be a reliable historical and scientific document ... Fair enough?"[18] That consequently has an effect on his concept of proof. For example in relation the the existence of the remains of Noah's ark in Turkey[19] and the existence of the Sasquatch in North America.[20]

Like all Conservapedia sysops, Karajou believes in Andrew Schlafly's historical revisionist interpretation of The Bible and becomes enraged if his beliefs are ever contradicted or criticised, suggesting quite a fragile foundation of faith. He is disdainful of individuals of other faiths or non-faiths.

Interent cybervandal[edit]

After a relapse and another blocking binge, fellow Conservapedia sysop RobSmith had some unkind words. Karajou retaliated by vandalizing the infant Ameriwiki project.

Ironic Quote Dept.[edit]

And still you whine like a little baby, upset that you caused your own blocking. Tell me your home address so I can mail you a box of Pampers...maybe your diapers need changing. The Community Builder Karajou on WP

What we want in public office are honest men and women who know that the job is a public trust; that they are held accountable for their performance by the public at large; and that they can be pulled from the job if their performance is bad."[21]

"You, Jamesmackenzie, are going to scour the area once known as the Kingdom of Urartu, which now is occupied by eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, and northwestern Iran, and I don't care how you do it. You can use Google-Earth or take a jet to do some hiking, but you are going to go over every square foot of that ground before you carry on with your opinion in this website. That is the only way I will accept from you the proof needed that the ark doesn't exist.[22]

Karajou tries to mediate in the rather delicate matter of former sysop DeanS's cult of Mormonism being called a cult on CP. He fails:

I did explain to him some months back, and I thought I was being nice about it, is that a practicing Mormon will go to Hell for Joseph Smith, rather than go to Heaven for Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, he took it the wrong way and got upset.[23]

Karajou defends Conservative's slew of bestiality-related articles:

For the record, the critics of the present bestiality articles have not refuted the evidence against the information included in those articles. But they want the articles themselves hidden and/or removed from the site, which begs the question: do they want to get away with themselves or their ilk having sex with animals? In my opinion, these articles may be reduced or streamlined to one or two, but when it comes to some loud-mouth atheist supporting bestiality and demanding that it be removed from certain psychological definitions so the mainstream accepts that filth, yes, this website is going to expose it. Whether or not the critics like it is their problem. Karajou 09:38, 28 September 2011 (EDT) [24]


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