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My Name[edit]

My name is Bingo.

My Game[edit]


Sites that I am currently banned from[edit]

Conservapedia: "Accusing CP of containing deception and propaganda.." In all fairness, I wasn't starting trouble, I was actually pointing out an instance of real deception and propaganda by one of the users. I wouldn't really have any problem with a site like CP existing if they didn't openly accept flagrant deception into their site. On second thought, maybe that does constitute "starting trouble" in their eyes. I was banned because some moderator believed that I was a former member that was banned in the past trying to skirt their ban. Despite having no evidence to support this claim, my attempt to appeal this decision was met with contempt.

That being said, I think it's really screwed up that a nationally recognized website such as Hannity's is run by a bunch of amateurs prone to act on whims that answer to nobody but themselves. I think it's even more screwed up that the regular users of the site actually believe that said amateurs do a good job.