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I have highly eclectic interests, but as a Quaker I am very interested in the truth about things. I operate on this username on CP and a different one on WP. For some reason most of my CP edits have been in the realm of science, and most of my WP edits have been in the realm of poetry.

I am a freelance writer, and contribute to, the website of the British TV programme QI (stands for Quite Interesting) as both a moderator for their talk forums and a researcher for their two interactive DVDs and their forthcoming Book of Animal Ignorance. I wrote a great many articles about mother and baby health in the 90s, and still get the occasional royalties from that when an article is reprinted. I also wrote a couple of children's non-fiction books, one of them about great moments in the history of science and another about historical diaries, letters and journals. I also edited an anthology of pre-20th-century poetry for Penguin. Now that's eclectic.

I am fascinated by science, and although not a scientist I have enough training in biology usually to distinguish truth from nonsense in that area. I have far more qualifications in the field of literature.