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Successor for Capturebot2 which is missing and presumed lost.

It does two related things:

  • You can use the the <capture> and <votecp> tags as before. It also saves the pages to and puts the link on the file description page.
  • It finds links used in the {{a}} template and tells to archive them.

The bot will run once every hour; so it may take a while before your changes are picked up.

How do I...[edit]

Test it?
Use User:CaptureBot4/sandbox.
Tell it to capture a link?
Use the <capture> tag; e.g. <capture></capture> will produce: http://example.comimg.
Tell it to archive a link?
Use {{a}}; e.g. {{a||Example webpage}} which will produce Example webpage[a w]
Capture the same page again?
Vaporize the file and make a change to the page with the <capture> tag (this will make it show up in Special:RecentChanges).
Store two different versions of a page?
The filename is based on the URL; so change it a little. Usually adding &v=2 or #v-1 should do the trick.
Run it after you've LANCB-ed and everything is broken?
Use the source code.
Do anything else with it?
You can't. Sorry :-(

Known issues[edit]

  • Redirects aren't followed in <capture> tags; so <capture></capture> will NOT work, but <capture></capture> will. This is a wkhtml2image limitation.