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Trans rights?




Yes, duh!



If it's not Anonymous user sure!



BuT mUh sEx-BaSeD rIgHts!!



Transgender Pride flag.svg

Hey all. I'm Celeste. Now famous enough to be called a TRA and not just a TIM!

Many of the articles that I write and/or edit here on RationalWiki and/or on other wikis are focused on transgender persons and the plight that they face everyday solely from existing. Another thing I consistently push for is denouncing transphobia in all of its forms; I'm not afraid of dealing jabs at any person who is a TERF, and trying to make it more obvious. Additionally, I am also attempting to denounce pseudoscientific woo, whether related to trans rights or no; on top of that, I'm also not afraid of discussing controversial issues (that have a reason to be controversial, unlike trans rights), whether that would be uncommon philosophies such as antinatalism or negative utilitarianism. Being bold is the way to create change!

Anyways, if you want me to jokingly block you for a couple minutes, please let me know on my talk page. If you want me to block you seriously and indefinitely, please leave a transphobic or otherwise *ist message on my talk page.

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This user is transgender.

IQ This user's IQ is not within three standard deviations above or below the mean.

I use Arch Linux Mint Debian Arch btw.