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i stole the template from bigs

Communism means everybody has the right to eat ass.
—Pyotr Kropotkin

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Depressed programmer. Anarcho-communist and Anarcho-syndicalist. I code in C and ASM and I reverse engineer and shit. I run

My views and shitz[edit]

Anarcho communist.

Anti liberalism.

Kropotkin good.

Rojava good.

Tankies bad.

Capitalists bad.

Fascists bad.

Nazis bad.

Your religion is fine as long as it is fine.

anti-imperial-system gang.

IRA good.

China bad.

Nationalism bad.

Anime good.

LGBT+ folks good.

I am more active on discord than here so you should probably join the discord and tag me.

Things I do here[edit]

currently doing some stuff regarding the holocaust denial page regarding the nuremberg trial, we'll see how that turns out

I plan on writing a page on Butler's Performative Theory of Gender, a page on , and a complete rewrite of the page on Communism and changing the current page on Communism to one on marxism as currently the page pretty much ignores non-marxists (other than a bunch of names being listed).