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I have plan:

1:Create multiple socks on Conservapedia

2: Post Wiki-format Goatse as many times as possible with each sock.

3: Screencap, before pages are reverted/deleted


Don't know what wiki-format Goatse is? Fear:

but be warned it is not work safe. Simply copy-and-paste the strange jumble of letters onto any conservapedia page you can get your hands on, or you know, just spread it all over wikipedia if you want.

With the level of homophobia on constrictipedia, especially among sysops like Conservative, this should result in epic pwnage on a psychological level. It's useful if you know your ban is imminent and you want to go out with style. Also useful if you plan on using wave after wave of your own socks to ruin their collective shit. Not recommended if you plan on increasing the truth levels of cp to over nine thousand and one.

No. I did not come up with it, just spreading the good word.