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Daecon is a 27 year old resident of Wellington in New Zealand.

He is a godless atheist, liberal and one of teh gheys.


After joining RationalWiki he had this to say:

"I haven't got a clue what I'm doing here. I suppose it would be easy enough to learn all the cool tricks and codes of Wikipage editing, but I'm too lazy to figure it out right at the moment. Maybe one day I'll have a cool User Page like all the other people, but not today."

This also display's Daecon's lack of knowledge of using quotation markups, at least until he bothers to edit this page.


Daecon has had a fondness of both Science Fiction & Fantasy, we well as RPG computer games ever since he was a small child. He is well known for his occasional moments of sardonic misanthropy and often annoys his housemate by wishing fictional characters in TV and movies would display some degree of genre awareness during their adventures:

"Just kill them already! Oh look, they got back up again. Oh look, they just beat you to a bloodied pulp. Well what did you expect to happen?! Moron!"


Daecon is allergic to kittens. They make his voice involuntarily raise by one octave and he loses the ability to communicate in anything other than baby-talk.