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User:DamnYouDaria/sandbox/Gavin Seim

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I’m not hiding. I’m changing the narrative.
—Gavin Seim, a man hiding in Mexico from Washington State law enforcement.[1]

Gavin Seim is a photographer, a political candidate, and a libertarian protestor against gun control. He is currently hiding out in Mexico after skipping court in Washington.[2] His politics can be described as a mix between first amendment auditors, sovereign citizens, the militia movement, with a touch of pseudolaw. He calls it the "liberty movement".

Political Activities[edit]

Running for Congress (2014)[edit]

In 2014, Gavin Seim announced his intentions to run to represent the fourth district of Washington in the U.S. House of Representatives[3].

Legal Problems[edit]

Coming to the courthouse, packing heat ()[edit]

Gavin Seim entered a courthouse in the State of Washington, asking for a lockbox at the front of the building to place his gun. When he was told that he could either leave it in his vehicle or take it to the Sheriff's Department on the other side of the building, he became belligerent.

Freeman on the Land Lam (2017-present)[edit]

After getting involved in a traffic stop that didn't involve him, he was jailed and he forced his family to pay $2,000 to bail him out. He promptly skipped bail, packing up his family and running away to Mexico[4] claiming that doing so would be "walking into the gas chamber".

Gavin claims that COMAR (La Comisión Mexicana de Ayuda a Refugiados) has given him refugee status in Mexico in a video on his YouTube channel. This claim appears to have been fact checked by a local paper in Gavin's hometown.[5] You would think that defying the odds and scamming the Mexican government into giving him refugee status would get him to stop engaging in the brand of harassment that got him in trouble in the States. However, you would be wrong. Recent YouTube videos have shown that Gavin has taken to harass Mexican cops in broken Spanish.

Other Astounding Beliefs[edit]

"No Victim, No Crime"[edit]

Gavin Seim claims that criminal offences that have no victim should not be considered crimes. These include things like:

  • Bringing invasive species into areas where they are patrolled against
  • Parking tickets.
  • Traffic violations

This is a common argument amongst sovereign citizens. However, it ignores the fact that without these laws, people would be hurt. Whether it is an inconvenience such as blocking crosswalks or sidewalks so that people who need more space (i.e. people with mobility issues) cannot use them or ignoring the victims of unrestrained speeding, Gavin believes that government shouldn't take actions to protect public safety and keep the peace.

People equally as "persecuted" as Gavin, according to Gavin[edit]

In many of his videos, Gavin prattles off a list of people who have been just as persecuted as him, as he has been when expected to accept responsibility for his actions. Common entries in this list are:

The Right to Film and Harass[edit]

Gavin Seim can often be seen entering government offices and filming in spite of signs that say "no cameras" or "no filming". Very often, police need to be dispatched to escort him out of the building as he goads the employees of the department he is harassing.

Things that he thinks government does that are "tyranny"[edit]

  • Agricultural inspections
  • Attending your court dates
  • Facing the consequences for one's actions
  • Gun control
  • Having to pay usage fees for national parks
  • Inland border checkpoints
  • Not having a lockbox in the court house to store weapons (instead of not taking them to court in the first place)
  • Not wanting to be harassed by Gavin Seim
  • Traffic tickets

External Links[edit]


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