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Welcome to DamOTclese' RationalWiki User page! When you post notes, ask questions, request mediation and such, please remember to Sign your posts on this page by using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your username and the date. I will post replies on your own talk page. Also, please do your best to always fill in the edit summary field.

Before reversing any of my contributions, be sure you have read RationalWiki guidelines and please provide explanations for your updates, otherwise they may need to be reversed. Also please be civil since my feelings are easily hurt. }:-} Also I have resumed work in the arena of Scientology organized crime so ask for editing assistance on Scientology related articles. Thanks!.

I contribute only in areas where I have knowledge or experience, so if you find something I offered that was mistaken, please let me know on my talk page, and if I have managed to offend anyone, also please let me know. I run The Skeptic Tank as well as a large number of related web sites, including the NarCONon IS Scientology web site.

The areas I'm knowledgeable within are[edit]

  • → Telecommunications
  • → ISDN / Automated Call Distributors
  • → Embedded software engineering
  • → Internet TCP/IP protocol stack including layers 1, 2, 3, and 7
  • → Robotic automation of sortation devices (such as in distribution centers and warehouses)
  • → Hiking, bicycling, camping, climbing (without safety) swimming
  • → Wilderness First Aid
  • → Delayed Medical Response First Aid
  • → Hiking trail volunteering, maintenance, building, surveying, and repair
  • → Rock busting (Plug and feather / Feathers and Wedges)
  • → California hazardous wildlife avoidance (flora, fauna, viral)
  • → Scientific debunking of claims of the paranormal, flying saucers et al.
  • → Engineering processes (project life cycle methodologies)
  • → Fire fighting suppression, tools, methods, materials, and equipment
  • → Professional interpersonal relationships with the public
  • → Radio communications systems, policies of use, and procedures of use
  • → Locomotive transportation infrastructure (non vital from wayside to office, to dispatch)
  • → Potable water catchment and distribution infrastructure
  • → World Religions
  • → Some areas of organized crime (those committed under the ruse of 501(c)3 tax exemption)
  • → Corporate training in dispute resolution
  • → Federal training in chainsaw safety and other safety arenas
  • → Human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech law and advocacy
  • → I'm considered an expert on Scientology

Currently I'm evaluating whether RationalWiki is worth my time and effort, most of which is spent on editing Wikipedia pages. So far I have seen that some editors on RW are ignorant assholes however most know what they're doing, and I see that search engines on rare occasion bring up a RW page in the top ten, so we'll see if this is worth the effort or not.

July 30: After checking this Wiki and observing some of the people who edit it, I find I will not participate, it is a waste of time, it's not a serious project.