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I'm just a former catholic, transformed by the strong, musky power of true knowledge into a proud atheist.

I'm a software engineer by birth, but I actually have a severe thirst for knowledge and science, a hobby I maintain by reading a lot of stuff, especially in geology and astronomy. However, I'm no scientist by any means, and any understanding I may have, while better than your average Joe, is still amateurish.

Anyway, maybe I'm sort of naive, but I still find myself in quite a shock at the sort of madness that religious fundamentalists believe, especially the kind embodied by the most advanced scientific society of the 15th century, Conservapedia. Literally, I cannot comprehend how the believe the shit they do.

So, after probably a year or so of lurking, I decided to create my account... just so I can comment on the various topics being discussed here, and to support this project, which I think is extremely valuable to society.