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Mrrrrrrrow. I smell humans, and I am here to show you how supurrior my kitty cat mind truly is. In a world full of bipedal semi-intellegent apes that still accept silliness like homeopathy, demons, and... I shudder at the thought... The idea that a breed of black cats bring bad luck, it seems the best method of doing this is educating the cousin of Neanderthal on science n' stuff.

I don't edit very much, just sorta a lurker and talk page commenter. I mainly add small tidbits of information and preform spelling corrections. I'm not a qualified speaker on almost anything - nor do I claim to be. I try to mainly edit, if I edit at all, articles regarding society, and politics. I'm a student of political science with an interest in anything related to human behavior, politics, and law.

I have an inactive skepticism blog as well. Not bothering to link it right now.

I'm also trans! :3

Why cats are better than people[edit]

We have big fluffy fur and cute pointy ears. We also clean ourselves, poop in boxes, and exist in a state of both living and dead at the same time.

Article(s) I'm thinking of starting when I feel like it.[edit]

Paul McHugh — Paul McHugh was a (somewhat) respectable psychologist which worked heavily on debunking recovered memory pseudoscience but then turned batshit insane with the rise of LGBT rights because he let his Catholic conservativism get in the way of his professional career.