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User:President Donald J. Trump

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Don't worry, I'm not here to be malicious.

I'm the best looking candidate ever! Update: I'm the best looking president-elect ever! Update: I'm the best looking president ever!

Vote for me![edit]

My victory will be yuuuuuuuuge, it's gonna be tremendous! I have the best slogan and campaign!

My Backstory[edit]

I grew up in a tiny mansion in the middle of someplace. I had a extremely hard life. My dad only gave me a small loan of a billion dollars. When I was a kid I went to the best schools, the best. My scores were so perfect that the teachers said,"Donald, your scores are too high! Could you get a few answers wrong?”

Make America Great Again
I am a man.png
This user is male.
IQ This user's IQ is Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!.
50 States flag.png This user lives in the best damn country on Earth, and you better believe it!
This user lives in the northern part of the Western Hemisphere.
Pile of Socks.JPG This user maintains the best, yugest, most tremendous socks on Rationalwiki.

Update on the above[edit]


Second update[edit]

Greetings from your 45th President, the best ever Donald Trump!