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First of all, there is no clear evidence that “game,” per se, works, except insofar as it encourages men to pursue large numbers of women and numb them to the pain of rejection. It’s possible that a few of the conversational ploys invented by various PUAs may work better than having no conversational ploys at all. Pickup artists argue that "Game" is the solution to Elliot Rodger-style rampages. Here’s why they’re wrong., We Hunted the Mammoth

How does that not count as game's working? If a salesman can think of literally nothing to say when he shows up at a door, and therefore is unwilling to do his sales route, and his sales manager tells him, "Try this pitch on 1,000 people" and he has success with 10, doesn't that count as the coaching's working? He went from 0 to 10 sales. As he gets more sales, and learns that rejection is no big deal, his confidence will improve, and he'll get even more sales because people respond favorably to confidence. He may also, through experimentation, improve his technique and get more sales that way. But he had to start somewhere. Dr. Carson (talk) 14:13, 28 August 2016 (UTC)