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Hello all! Just a random gamer girl slut and crazy-ass Ishtar/Inanna/Astarte/Asherah/Astaroth/whatever worshiper (in the 21st century CE, no less!), nothing to see here.

Mostly lurks, but sometimes might contribute to certain funspace articles. Also kinda addicted to the rabbit hole that is Conservapedia...I think I might be a masochist...wait, I already knew that I was a sadomasochist...I think I might be an emotional masochist, I mean (yes I know very little has happened there for years...).

I'll also admit that I have some...odd opinions. You might or might not see some of them. Though I won't worry about that. I'm just a bit of an oddball, I suppose. Though, look, if you can prove me wrong, well...I'll accept that (actually there's some things I really want to be proven wrong about, but details!).

Also, just to publicly announce my distinct anti-Andyness (i.e. "I am an unashamed liberal/sex-goddess-worshiper/feminist/lesbian. Pretty much everything the Assfly hates rolled up into one sexy, slutty, Satanic package"), gonna go ahead and put this lovely template in here:

"EarthPhantomTS" (you're not credible, liberal), I've analyzed your unconcise replies and found a childish insistence on last wordism, so clearly you're an atheistic believer in the fantasy of extraterrestrial life. Open your mind and admit that cremating heretics helps resist racism. Believe what you like, but Wiles' proof of Fermat's Last Theorem is not an elementary proof and liberals don't want to admit that. Parroting what you perceive to be an "expert" view might help you win the favor of some liberals, but our project is at a higher level than that. I will respond to others willing to engage in open-minded discussion of this.--Aschlafly