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Hello all! Just a random gamer girl slut and crazy-ass Ishtar/Inanna/Astarte/Asherah/Astaroth/whatever worshiper (in the 21st century CE, no less!), nothing to see here.

Mostly lurks, but sometimes might contribute to certain funspace articles. Also kinda addicted to the rabbit hole that is Conservapedia...I think I might be a masochist...wait, I already knew that I was a sadomasochist...I think I might be an emotional masochist, I mean (yes I know very little has happened there for years...).

I'll also admit that I have some...odd opinions. You might or might not see some of them. Though I won't worry about that. I'm just a bit of an oddball, I suppose. Though, look, if you can prove me wrong, well...I'll accept that (actually there's some things I really want to be proven wrong about, but details!).

Also, just to publicly announce my distinct anti-Andyness (i.e. "I am an unashamed liberal/sex-goddess-worshiper/feminist/lesbian. Pretty much everything the Assfly hates rolled up into one sexy, slutty, Satanic package"), gonna go ahead and put this lovely template in here:

"EarthPhantomTS" (if that is your real name), you have free will and can laugh at anything that you can persuade yourself to be funny. I've managed to read your rants and found a serious of insertions of the form [citation needed] or more obnoxious banners, so I'm confident you're a supporter of infanticide. Like all atheists, you deny that that affirmative action causes rather than helps resist incest. It's simple logic: the public school mindset of morality is what you want it to be, and trespassing against others is OK if you want it to be. We often hear complaints about a person who doesn't "practice what he preaches," but a worse and more irrational behavior is a person who doesn't "preach what he practices."!-- Godspeed.--aschlafly