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Point by Point to the Companion Article, [[ORIGINAL ARTICLE LINK|NAME]] by [[CP AUTHOR|DERISIVE NAME]][edit]

Generic Wrong Person's Original Essay

Bad guy alleges:

Our Response

But the obvious truth is that:


  1. 1


  1. 1r


  1. 2


  1. 2r


  1. 3


  1. 3r


  1. 4


  1. 4r


  1. 5


  1. 5r

Independent Observations[edit]


This is what to type to add a section expander[edit]

Look at the code, not what's on the screen. Put before </table> <TR> <TD valign=top><!----------www.Ra-------------><!----------tionalWiki.com----------> ==5== #2 </TD> <TD valign=top><!----------www.Ra-------------><!----------tionalWiki.com----------> ==5== #2r </TD> </TR>