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These files will help you convert Google Groups HTML files from the CP and Fab Five archives to something that has fully establishing URLs. Copy-paste to file names given, and run in a POSIX environment. (Tested on CYGWIN.)


mkdir fixed
find CP -type d -exec mkdir "fixed/{}" \;
find Fab\ Five -type d -exec mkdir "fixed/{}" \;

find CP -iname "*.htm" -exec ./ "{}" "fixed/{}" \;
find Fab\ Five -iname "*.htm" -exec ./ "{}" "fixed/{}" \;


my $infile = shift @ARGV;
my $outfile = shift @ARGV;

print "converting: $infile > $outfile\n";

open(INFILE, "<", $infile) or die "Can't open $infile for reading.";
open(OUTFILE, ">", $outfile) or die "Can't open $outfile for writing.";

while(<INFILE>) {
        my $line = $_;

        $line =~ s/\"\//\"http:\/\/\//g;
        $line =~ s/url\(\//url\(http:\/\/\//g;

        print OUTFILE $line;