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I am currently known as “Robokitty” as it is a brand name that I have been using for a very long time. I also own my personal project for the last 2 years since elementary school and it frequently improves over time since I personally do web design as a small hobby. I personally own multiple playlists that promotes the better things in life such as art,music,gaming,philosophy,technology,food and MGTOW.

I made it my goal and purpose in regards to the MGTOW community to provide critical content that is considered too critical or suppressed or too controversial for anyone to discuss about as well as refine any forgotten topics and discussions that need to be addressed.

I am highly analytical,cautious,careful,precise,critical,rational,efficient,cogent,self-educated and aware of myself as well as my surroundings. Because I am an engineer by nature. I have the ability to see trends and patterns and make sense out of all the chaos that surrounds us as well as to build,refine and fix problems and provide solutions to them.

I hope that I may be able to help other men from becoming another tragic statistic and help them become a legend within themselves.