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Uhh so hi I guess. I'm new to wiki's in general so bear with me here.

I'm very interested in this wiki's mission, to refute and rationalize the idiocy we see plastered around the web so often.

About me: Whiny Australian teen IRL, comes from a long line of pinko Welshmen and pinko Scots. Got a posh education and rich friends who couldn't give less of shit for poor people and foreigners. So I went online to find some people who shared my opinions and love for new ideas. Unfortunately this was doomed to fail.

You this is my second foray into an online community. My first was a website called Future which is (or is meant to be) a futurist forum where people discussed new technology, ideas and what they meant for society at large. I have decided to leave recently for several reasons, primarily because people (myself included) were dragging "debates" (more like flame wars really) away from futurist issues and towards (perceived or not) current societal ills, or just ranting about how shit the world was. On the plus side, I do have significant experience debating libertarians, communists, anarcho-capitalists and dark enlightenment reactionaries. On here I plan to be more focused on the present and tangible societal ills and the refutation of bullshit.

In any case, I look forward to being a contributor in the future.

About Me
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